ARPA Well Compensation and Well Abandonment Grants: Please see the flyer if you qualify for a grant to help replace, reconstruct, treat or abandon your well or water system.  Please contact the information on the flyer, this is a grant program through the state, not your township.  Thanks!

Town of Delta Weather

Weather in your area

Fri, 31 Mar 29°F 32°F Snow (2–5 in.) throughout the day.
Sat, 1 Apr 16°F 33°F Windy in the morning.
Sun, 2 Apr 17°F 42°F Snow (< 1 in.) in the morning.
Mon, 3 Apr 28°F 40°F Overcast throughout the day.
Tue, 4 Apr 26°F 35°F Snow (1–3 in.) starting in the afternoon.
Wed, 5 Apr 24°F 40°F Light rain (with a chance of 1–2 in. of snow) in the morning and afternoon.
Thu, 6 Apr 20°F 38°F Foggy in the morning.
Fri, 7 Apr 19°F 38°F Possible drizzle in the afternoon.